Klang Leu

SihanoukVille Mountain
Factories & Manufacturing

Overlooking the city of SihanoukVille Cambodia is the town of Klang Leu.

At the top of SihanoukVille Mountain, along Route 4, with views of the Port, downtown, and Cambodia's Islands, Klang Leu is one of the Factory Sections of town. 

Several Factories line route 4 over a few kilometer section, and some go back towards the Bay of Cambodia on both sides of Route 4.

Klang Leu starts at the top of SihanoukVille Mountain, coming up Route 4 from the SihanoukVille Port, SihanoukVille Port Special Economic Zone, and SihanoukVille train station. These are all 1.5 kilometers from Klang Leu.

At the top of the mountain is the Cambrew Brewery, making Angkor Beer, The National Beer of Cambodia, Pepsi, Mirinda and 7UP, as well as several other brands of beer (including Carlsberg) for the whole country.

On the other side of the road is the original RCI clothing factory (Royal Crowntex), which has been upgraded and expanded. 

Further down the road is New Star Shoes, employing several thousand factory workers, and a few smaller clothing factories.

Crown Beverage Cans is building a new can factory, which we suspect will make cans for the Cambrew Brewery.  Initial output is over 700 million cans a year.

There are several abandoned factories for rent or sale, from years past, as well as large stretches of land, which have been flattened and cleared for future development.

Down the road from Klang Leu, a few kilometers towards Phnom Penh, is the SihanoukVille SEZ (Special Economic Zone), down the street from the SihanoukVille Airport.  Several international manufacturers have set up shop here.

With easy access to 2 Special economic zones, the main port for Cambodia, the Train or rail station that has just been completed - with future service from the Port to Bejing, China, a large seaside town (with clothing, seafood, oil drilling equipment and other factories), over a dozen internationally owned banks, and an airport next door, the Klang Leu area is set to expand quickly. 

And the best part, of course, is that downtown SihanoukVille, Cambodia's Best Seaside Resort, is a 5 minute drive from all of this.



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