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Housting and Office Developments in SihanoukVille, Cambodia.

SihanoukVille Developments

Morakot Island - Residential development on an Island just off the coast.  Ran out of money for the 300 million dollar development, so are replanning for a 1 billion dollar development

BS Holiday Villa - Housing near Don Bosco School

Hilton Park - Houses and Apartments near Don Bosco School

Pearl City - SihanoukVille's largest develoment.  Shopping, business, homes, hotel, entertainment.

SihanoukVille Marina - On Hawaii Beach, next to the Bridge to Snake Island.

Bus Station (Mahasarop) - Central downtown development.

Victory Townhouse - New apartments near Victory Beach.

Klang Leu - On top of SihanoukVille Mountain, with several factories.

SihanoukVille Special Economic Zone (SSEZ) - in Klang Leu

Steung Hauv Special Economic Zone (SHSEZ) - SihanoukVille's sister city and port (SihanoukVille website)

Giant Coal Generator Plant(s) - also in Steung Hauv (SihanoukVille website)


Blue Bay Condominium

and let's not forget the SihanoukVille Port Special Economic Zone!

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They're Coming

Downtown, uptown, and around town.  Housing developments, office parks, shopping malls.   Joining the thousands of hotels, restaurants, and exisiting, but unplanned development.

Everywhere you look around town, a new building is going up, or an old one is being torn down.

2014 was the year of Mini-Marts, Massage places, hotel, and townhouse / apartments / condos.  2015 saw more massage places and hotels.  2016 started just like the last 2 years.Looks like 2017 is going to be much the same but with many more large scale projects.  And 2018.  And 2019!   But the buildings are getting taller, and the Chinese owned casinos are popping up like mushrooms!  Many hotels have been taken off-line to make room for the casino staff and customers.

A new road (or upgrading the existing road), Route 4, from here to Phnom Penh is planned.

A new road from the SihanoukVille Airport to Downtown is finished

The railway has regulary scheduled trips from SihanoukVille to Phnom Penh, freight and passengers trains.

Flights now come from China and Vietnam, Malaysia, as well as other Cambodian airports.

The Sea Port is increasing capacity, and throughput is rapidly expanding every year.

Most importantly, our local brewery, Cambrew, home of the World Famous Angkor Beer, is now the BIGGEST brewery in ALL of Asia.!

Even the Cambodian Islands are being developed at a rapid pace.



























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