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There are tourist oriented businesses in Sihanoukville, and sometimes they're for sale.
(O.K., so they're all for sale if you offer enough $$$).

Also, we're taking listings for Kampot and Kep as well on this page.

Also, check out the One Window Service in SihanoukVille for your business licenses.Business for sale in sihanoukville

Scuba Diving business on the island for sale
full story...

Turn-Key Boutique in Otres Village
full story...

Kampot Restaurant for Sale
full story...

Boutique Hotel for sale
full story...

Water Sport Rental Business for Sale.
Koh Rong Island. full story...

Charming Otres Guesthouse for Sale
full story...

Otres Beach Restaurant for sale.
full story...

Cocktail Lounge in Otres Village for sale
full story...

Guesthouse for Sale on Ocheteaul Beach
full story...

A few extra bars for sale.
full story...

We could tell you all about doing business in Sihanoukville, but John, formerly at the Golden Lions Plaza already has. (a little old now) Click Here

Business Brokers in town, offering local businesses for sale

* Pond Growth

One Window Service **** Government Office for all your business licenses.  No corruption, no hassle.

Tourist Businesses for sale in SihanoukVille

























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