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Submission Policy
Submit your free tourist business for sale ad or local service ad, with up to one picture (1), to the e-mail address above. Use your own e-mail address when you submit your ad. You must use the same e-mail address to make changes or to remove your ad.  Do not call, ask in person, message, or use any other means to contact us, other than the e-mail address above!

For businesses for sale, your ad must include the name and location of your business for sale and be on the website already..

This is a free service to the town, requires a lot of time, effort, and money to provide this service; and we're only willing to make enough effort to ensure it is #1 on a google search.

Please note:
Ads will only be up for a maximum of 5 months

fine print
We take no responsibility whatsoever for any mistakes, omissions, or anything else related to your item or service for sale or rent. You agree to all of these terms when you submit an ad. Many ads are linked back to one of our other websites (which we also make for free), unless you've taken the time in advance to link from your website back to us first.  We put the ads up and take them down as soon as possible, which may be a week or more, but is usually a few days.  We do not take any ads for anything that is illegal, offensive to us, immoral, or might cause us any trouble in any way. We reserve the right to make minor corrections to ads or to refuse any ad, or remove any ad at any time, for any reason. We do not accept any financial responsibility or any other kind of responsibility for any mistakes made by anyone. whatsoever, at any time,

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